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    Before starting...
  • Park on level ground using inclinometer (asphalt or concrete preferred).
  • Place van in park.
  • Apply emergency brake.
  • Remove and secure the ignition keys.
  • Decide what component you want to use for the day.

    Step 1: Unfolding the awning
  • Remove the ladder from the van.
  • Set up the ladder along the side door passenger side.
  • Unzip the length of the awning bag and flip over the top.
  • Unstrap the awning from the velcro
  • Lift the awning ribs out of the carrier.
  • Tuck the velcro in the carrier (3 straps).
  • Set up the ladder along the back driver side of the van.
  • Using the strap on the 3rd rib, walk the awning around to the back of the van.
  • From the ladder connect the 4th rib strap to the roof rack anchor.
  • Set up the ladder along the back passenger side of the van.
  • From the ladder, extend the awning center post and release the center rib leg.
  • Extend the leg to the ground.
  • Push the upper leg up until it is under tension and then lock in place.
  • Due to the possibility of parking on an uneven surface the door might not clear the awning. Open the back doors slowly and carefully and observe the awning for clearance.
  • Extend the leg high enough to clear full opening of the right rear door.
  • Weigh down the leg if necessary.
  • Stow the ladder.

    Step 2: Installing the rear door interpretatives and brochure rack
  • Open up the rear doors and release the 90 degree restraints on the lower portion of the doors.
  • Locate the magnetic 90 degree door extensions (note description label).
  • Use these to attach the back of the rear doors to hold them open at 90 degrees.
  • YOU MUST REMOVE ONE BOX CHAIR TO REMOVE FRAMES, otherwise the frames and other items can not be properly set up.
  • One person will now climb into the van and a second person will be standing at the rear.
  • Unstrap the box to the left of the frame rack (driver side). Stow straps in white clear box.
  • You can lift the entire box out of its holding rack, but is safer and recommend to lift the interior boxes out one box at a time. Hand the boxes to the person standing outside the van for set-up.
  • Note at this point you must decide if you need additional chairs, if so unstrap the three boxes on passenger side and continue handing out the boxes.
  • Unstrap the middle and base of the frame rack on driver side. Stow straps in white clear box.
  • A spacer to the left side of the frame rack on the top is now loose. Set aside in the white clear box.
  • Hand person outside the van one at a time the frames with interpretive.
  • Person outside van sets the frames to the side.
  • Hand person outside the van the brochure box in front of frames.
  • Person outside the van lifts and sets the brochure box to the base of the rack on one side of the rear doors.
  • Person in van unstraps the second brochure box in front of the swinging rack and hands it to person outside the van. Stow straps in white clear box.
  • Person outside the van lifts and sets the brochure box on remaining rear door.
  • At the base of the swinging rack is a spacer for the brochure rack you just removed. Lift and stow in the white clear box.
  • Facing the driver side of the van, you will now unlatch the the latch to the right of the swinging rack. Lift the hook up.
  • ONLY UNLATCH THE RIGHT LATCH. Unlatching the wrong one will cause damage to the floor and other components for the van.
  • Walk the rack 90 degrees. At the floor is a hole. Slide the latch to release the T-bar. Lift the T-bar at the base into that hole. Release till it clicks.
  • Unlatch the left hook attached to the swinging rack and open the rack to meet the latch attached to the passenger side rear of the van. Another option is to exit the van and then open the rack. Latch the rack to secure it.
  • Attach the shortest frames above the brochure rack.
  • Attach the tallest frames on the swinging rack.

  • Once the rear swinging rack is secured, you can not enter from the rear of the van. Access to the inside of the van will only be the front passenger /driver doors.

    Step 3: Setting up the children’s table
  • Your table should already have been unstrapped to gain access to the white clear box. If not, unstrap the table and stow the straps in white clear box.
  • Remove the legs and set aside.
  • Remove the children’s table from the van.
  • Flip over the table.
  • Remove the leg cups and add the legs.
  • Tighten the thumb screws.
  • Flip back over for use.
  • Find a place for the table and adjust one leg if needed to stabilize it.

    Step 4: Moving theTV to the exterior
    You must first remove the front interpretive frame in order to move the TV out.
  • Facing the passenger side of the van, first unlatch the left latch.
  • Second unlatch the right latch.
  • Grab the back of the frame and walk the TV straight back towards you.
  • Using the padded right side handle, walk yourself and TV towards the side door.
  • WATCH THE RIGHT SIDE CLEARANCE as you walk. Swinging the TV to quickly will hit the front frame, cabinet, and/ or passenger occupant protection device.
  • Carefully step down out of the van backward with the TV and fold it against the side door of van.
  • There is a T-handle on the back of the TV and a latch on the side door.
  • Pull the T-handle and connect to secure the TV.
  • All supplies for the TV are in the white clear box.

    Step 5: Moving the cabinet
  • Unstrap the cabinet on the top and bottom. Stow straps in white clear box.
  • Unlatch the left and right latch at the base
  • Using the rope pull or the handle, pull the cabinet towards you.
  • If you have parked on an uneven surface, use two wedges to secure it.

  • Once the shelf is in place, you can not enter from the side of the van. Access to the inside of the van will only be the front passenger /driver doors.

    Step 6: Setting up the large tables
  • There are two tables located at the rear and passenger side of the van.
  • Locate the latch, loosen the thumb screw and unlatch the tables.
  • Remove it completely from the van.
  • Set up the table.
  • Place the table in desired place and set up chairs around it.