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project date: 1999 | by peter reedijk

The Oregon Garden founded in Silverton, Oregon in 1998 contracted Sea Reach to design a temporary signage system to aid visitors in moving around the fledgling garden safely and effectively.

The sign system designed for the Oregon Garden reflects a minimalist's approach to inform and guide visitors through a complex 200-acre network of paths. The goal of the system is to work with existing landscape and architectural elements to blend in with the surroundings using rounded shapes, organic curves and "garden furniture" motifs. Pedestrian directional signs are mounted on a trellis-like post that can be easily changed or updated.

To aid in the wayfinding experience, each garden is identified with a symbol that reflects the "spirit" of the garden.

Signs are kept to a minimum and sized according to their specific location to keep the focus on the beauty of the gardens. For example, secondary entrances are designated simply with a low-to-the-ground mount displaying the garden's symbol. A subtle sunburst pattern was used as a background pattern on all the directional signage to create a friendly, more casual atmosphere.



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