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project date: 2012 | by peter reedijk | 7 related blog(s)

Staring out across the monochromatic desert floor from an elevation of 5,000 feet, I can hear the voices behind me discussing the interpretive approach at this site. I'm remembering all the conversations of the past week: discussing how the geologists would interpret this view, the Southern Paiute, the Forest Service, the retired Atomic Scientist from the Nevada Test Site who said, 'From here you could see the atom bomb detonate.' Wow. That struck me. Here we are on a snow covered mountain, surrounded by desert, within 20 minutes of downtown Las Vegas. I realize that, from this single vantage point, there are a multitude of perspectives to consider and that our greatest challenge on this project will be 'what don't we talk about?', as all the people who come into contact with this site have equally compelling, yet vastly different stories to tell.

Desert View Overlook is one of many sites in the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area that Sea Reach will be developing with the US Forest Service. An intensive planning effort has just been completed, and the next phase will be to get product on the ground. We will be designing, fabricating and installing everything from picnic tabletop exhibits to play space interactive interpretive elements all throughout the Spring Mountain National Recreation Area.


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