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project date: 2011 | by susan jurasz

The Sawtooth National Recreation Area's headquarters are located within a few miles of Ernest Hemmingway's home (and grave) in Ketchum and the famous ski village: Sun Valley. Discovered long ago by wealthy outdoorsmen, this area has been described as one of most beautiful places on earth. The air is so clean here, that the Sawtooths appear close enough to touch. But there is a silent tug-a-war of values here that exists between Forest Service employees who are bound to preserve the intrinsic values of clean air, wildlife, and scenery for future generations and private landowners who own vast tracks of the land along the roads that access the recreation area. For the most part, their basic values align, but not always.

Sea Reach developed a theme-based interpretive plan that addresses the incredible richness of the Sawtooths and the delicate balance of preserving the scenic values alongside the desires to employ the land.

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