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project date: 2012 | by linda repplinger

The eroded sandstone and conglomerate bedrock formations in the Daniel Boone National Forest, Kentucky, create amazing cliffs, overhangs, arches, pinnacles, "balancing rocks," and "lighthouse" holes. These formations have provided dry shelter for people for thousands of years. Today, archeologists have unearthed the fragile remains of ancient life preserved in these low-humidity areas - materials such as leather, seeds, and woven grass sandals. This unique forest provides habitat for plants and animals ranging from black bears to Rafinesque's big-eared bats, and Sassafras, which originally provided flavor for root beer, to little mountain meadow rue, which grows in the spray cliff habitat created by waterfalls. The many deciduous trees create amazing splashes of color in the fall. Interpretive exhibits give visitors interesting facts about this unique National Forest.

Sea Reach designed and fabricated low profile exhibits and large kiosk exhibits that provide visitors with information about this unique National Forest.



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